Bennie Jolink

I.s.m. Antonie Broek, Hein Offermans, Pim Kops,
Rens vd Zalm, André Houtappels,Arthur Ebeling,
Roland Brunt, Mike Booth, Frank Sutherland,
Jan Kolkman en Frederique Spigt

Jaar: 1999

1. Howlin'at the moon

2. I'm feeling so so so

3. We'll sweep out the ashes in the morning

4. Mind your own business

5. I won't be home nomore

6. Man of steel

7. Just like yesterday

8. Love unconditional

9. Postman

10. Lalala la la la

11. Oh Dinah

12.It always happens to me
13. I'll be bachelor till I die

14. You've lost that lovin' feelin